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      An unforgettable adrenaline experience in triple safety downhill controlled and secure dual system. 
      Sport equipment for your enjoyment and CSA fall arrest equipment for your total safety. 
      You will be supported by a team up to your expectations to allow you to live the EXTRAORDINARY experience of weightlessness and overpower.
      OPTION 1: $ 69 for a package "Let's go in the air" of a descent for one person + 12-month VIP card (value of $ 259,99)
      OPTION 2: $ 89 for a package "Let's go in the air" of 3 descents for one person +or 2 people + 12-month VIP card ($ 319,98 value) 
      OPTION 3: $ 169 for a package "Let's go in the air" of 6 descents for 1 12-month VIP card ($ 469,67 value) 
      2 locations available: Hôtel PUR Québec - Hôtel Alt Quartier Dix30 Brossard 
      The package includes:
      Ground initiation course
      Complete equipment
      Controlled and secure vertical descents, on an urban wall of your choice
      Personal coaching
      Certificate of achievement level 1
      Descent of 50m / 155 feet
      Descent with the technique of decalade (of face) or descent in method of return on rope (of back)
      A VIP card that allows you to return to 50% service for 12 months and has several benefits
      Ability to use the nominal value of your coupon on all services offered by SkyExperienceCiel.com: Decalade, Limit / Edge, Rooftop, Ascension, Para-jump, ... internships, trainings and happenings .
      Activities are supervised at all times by certified and experienced professionals.
      Bring your cameras and video for free.
      Activity for 16 years and over
      Learn how to go down the walls like in a Hollywood action movie
      An unforgettable and exciting experience guided by an expert in heaven
      Does not require any special aptitude or physical force


    • 2 locations available: Hôtel PUR Québec - Hôtel Alt Quartier Dix30 Brossard
    • No limit of weight or maximum size.
    • No purchase limit Ability to use the face value of your coupon on all services offered by SkyExperienceCiel.com: Offset, Edge / Edge, Rooftop, Ascension with force reduction, para-jump and other services ....
    • Click here to discover them The offer starts on July 25, 2019 and ends on November 25, 2019. Presentation of the coupon to obtain the product / service during the initiation day. RUSH URBAIN guaranteed with the only specialists in the field.
    • Reservation required on the timetable section and calendar of the website http://skyexperienceciel.com/ and book your time slot by email at: info@skyexperienceciel.com
    • At the time of your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email telling you the time and meeting point.
    • Good weather, bad weather. Cancellation policy at least 48 hours.
    • Taxes not included, taxes are calculated on the coupon price, payable during the day of activity.
    • No cash value / Non transferable / Not combinable. On the expiry date, the coupon remains valid for the value of the purchase. ($ 69, $ 89 or $ 169)


    The Decalade is a sporting activity that involves descending vertical walls by performing a descent controlled and secured by experts in CIEL! Here is an extraordinary activity that will allow you to overcome your limits and overcome your fears! An experience AT THE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!
    Decalate from the top of vertiginous structures in complete SECURITY to live emotions that will transform you! Safe, the * DECALADE * activity is ideal for those who are looking for unusual challenges that provide an adrenaline rush!

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