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      Do you work hard to maintain a great appearance but it is difficult to maintain it?

      Get the look you want with revolutionary new cold fat loss technology, all without damaging your skin!

      OPTION # 1: $ 99 for 1 cryolipolysis treatment applicator on 1 body region of your choice (value of $ 400)

      OPTION # 2: $ 179 for 2 cryolipolysis treatment applicators on 1 body region of your choice (value of $ 800)

      ** Please note that specifics at the zone level apply and may vary depending on each individual. / Please check directly with the merchant.

      The following parts each count for 1 treatment: double chin, lower part of the stomach, upper part of the stomach, etc.

      The following parts each count for 2 treatments: thighs, arms, love handles, saddlebags etc ...

      More and more widespread, cryolipolysis is a process which reduces the bulges by cold. Without surgery, without needles, or anesthesia, it is a fast and painless cellulite treatment.

      The option of 2 cryolipolysis sessions is valid for the same person, for 1 zone of your choice.

      Cryolipolysis is a cosmetic treatment used to destroy fat cells. ... Exposure to cold causes crystallization which leads to the death of subcutaneous fat cells (apoptosis) without damaging other cells.


    • Offer expires march 31, 2022
    • Taxes and tips not included.
    • 1 purchase per person and 2 other coupons offered as gifts.
    • Pain-free process and lasting results
    • Cancellation policy or change of appointment at least 48 hours in advance otherwise the customer must pay $ 25 or you risk losing your coupon.
    • Reservation required and subject to availability
    • Book an appointment by phone at 438 290-1301 and mention your coupon. No customer will be accepted without a reservation.
    • Cannot be combined with any offer or promotion, no cash value.
    • Please come with the printed or electronic version of your coupon.
    • Once the offer expires, the coupon keeps its face value ($ 99 or $ 179)


    Want to lose the few unsightly bulges that have built up on your hips or stomach? Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary method that works and is for you if you want to lose fat that is in the wrong place on your body without pain.

    This process is non-invasive and allows you in a few sessions to find a pretty silhouette. How? 'Or' What ? By eliminating fat cells through the cold while not damaging your skin!

    Losing fat doesn't necessarily mean losing weight!

    It's all about the fat cells. These make up the fat in your body. During weight gain, the amount of fat cells does not increase. It's actually the fat cells that get bigger and take up more space. During a session, the fat cells are frozen and then eliminated. In the weeks following your procedure, other cells consume the dead fat cells which are naturally processed and eliminated by the body. The results are long lasting as the processed fat cells are destroyed.


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